What most don’t get about Grace is the size of things!


Under law God is only as big as your effort, doing or obedience to a stone. But under Grace God is so Big that no man can describe His boundaries!


Under law acceptance and Love for someone is bound to or attached to what they do or how they behave. But under Grace acceptance and Love for everyone is seen and grown in a Grace-Full being even for their enemies as they grow to accept the Unconditional Love and Acceptance they are Receiving from God!


Under law ego and discouragement grow in direct correlation to the success or failure a person has in obeying the stone. But under Grace Gratitude and Joy grow exponentially as we grasp the Greatness, Forgiveness and Freedom that comes from God Alone through Christ Alone!


Under law we encourage separation from God as we maintain a strong us versus them mentality. But under Grace we encourage those who are struggling to recognize the reunification with God possible Only through acceptance of the Faith-Full fact that Christ Alone Is Sufficient for All that separates anyone from God!


Under law, God is seen as the cosmic, vindictive, karmic force that gives consequences. But under Grace God is understood to Be The Loving Father Who longs with earnest and fervent Passionate Love greater than we will Ever understand or comprehend to spend His time holding You, His most precious creation and prized possession in His lap as you rest and He gently rocks you back and forth and whispers in your ear, “I Love you with an Everlasting Love my child, All your sins and past have been parted as far as the east is from the west, you can Never be separated from My Love for you no matter what your future brings or what you do so now, let go of your heavy burden, you were bought with a price, Rest Here and Now in the Precious Blood of Christ Alone!”