Where do you look for comfort? This is the central question I need to ask myself daily and Only by answering honestly will I be able to know the presence of God in me. This one question has to be answered Honestly again and again because this is the center mass of the target that satan uses on Be-lievers.



If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 1 John 4:15-16



Jesus came to simplify God and a relationship with Him because that is what God wants and what He knows IS the Only way to have Life Here and Now!



The bad guy ever since Eve has been trying to create situations, events and alternative mini-lights for us to rely on and he has done a good job I must say – this is why my number one question at several meditative points throughout the day is – “what am I relying on?”



Growth in Peace, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness of others, Mercy on self and others, Faith and Grace is ALL based on Relying on His Love! Finding comfort in His Love and diving into the deep end of His Eternal, Unconditional and Boundless Love creates ALL the Good things that create Abundant Life Here and Now!  With this being said let me cover some of the “other comforts” that many of us find at one time or another in our life:


1) Comfort in my performance – typically seen in the religious. Reliance on good works or self-imposed/religious imposed ideas of what “good” is. Law based creates ego on “good days” and depression, regret and shame on “bad days.”


2) Comfort in my “stuff” – typically seen in wealthy or “hoarders.” Reliance on “stuff” sees things as blessings and when things get taken away they usually think it’s because they did something “bad” which makes God the magic ATM in the sky. “Stuff” comfort generally needs to end in an economic disaster which is the Best day ever for The Spirit!


3) Comfort in my “sin” – Whatever is Not of Faith is sin – that being said while I am “no longer under the law, I am under Grace” – Not all things are profitable! Faith is simply Resting in His Love and Power in each moment knowing God Is Love! One of the Beautiful things about God is that our “sin” can If we let it shine a spotlight on the area that He is working on us! For example I am a porn and sexual fantasy addict because I am afraid of intimacy with other people – the beauty here is that God has used this to continually bring me back to finding comfort in Him!


Do you want Peace? Rest in His Love for you! Do you want Hope? Rest in His Love for you! Do you want Joy, Forgiveness, Mercy, Faith , Grace and All that The Abundant Life has to offer HERE and NOW – Rest, Rely Live in and Focus on His Great and Amazing Love for you!