There is only one “more” with God and it is in a whisper. There is only one Peace of God and that is in His smile. There is only one Joy of The Lord and that is in His laughter as He sees One simple thing –

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.” John 15:13-14

God, Big God, The God that moved my heart and soul and still does IS LOVE! He gently whispers “I Love you” in my ear and He does the same for you.

God, Big God, The God that took a tired, burned out, beaten down warrior from the battle field of Life’s Hell and created a lasting Peace that passes All understanding that is beyond what I ever thought possible can do the same for you.

God, Big God, The God that took a weak, broken down, defenseless, bitter, depressed psych ward alumni and planted a Joy so deep into my soul that scars beyond my ability to see or feel have healed and are healing as my Faith in Him grows daily pleads with you to let Him do the same for you.

What is it that makes This God, The God, BIG GOD smile? What is it that creates this Peace, The Peace, Big Peace that passes All understanding? What is it that creates this Joy, The Joy, Big Joy that is in my tired old soul even on those moments where I seek refuge in my old scars?


Love beyond compare!

Love that has no boundaries! Love that knows no limits! Love that has no speed limit! Love that has no concern for itself, knows no peace in pieces of things or power or position or rituals – LOVE that makes its bed with the rejects of society, LOVE that knows No Fear and LOVE that knows that The path with BIG GOD Is an ever growing awareness of All God’s children through that path The Compassion of God grows in the very fiber of the being that dares to have Faith in the narrow road of The Passion of Christ!

That Passion of Christ, That switch that was flipped, That change that was made through His life, ministry, death and resurrection was the creation of this Path, The Path, The narrow road that placed Jesus in the most agonizing death known to man fully knowing that those He was sacrificing His very life for hated Him – That Passion IS Love!

Would you like to be a “friend” to that One?

This is my command: Love each other.” – John 15:17