Have you ever been driving along and suddenly realized that something was not right and the sound you heard was a flat tire? This is the way legalism is and once you find True Grace the growth is no longer in “making everything right” but instead its Resting in All His Rightness even in the midst of what many would call Very wrongness!



For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualitieshis eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” – Romans 1:20



“Since creation” BIG GOD’s “eternal Power and “Divine nature” have been a flashing neon sign in the middle of a barren desert of desperation with letters bigger than you could imagine saying, “I LOVE YOU, PLEASE FIND REST IN ME!”



The children of Israel didn’t want the rest so they wondered around the desert for 40 years and begged for the law in an arrogant attempt to egoistically prove to God they could “do anything” He said do. Today we see the same thing in denominations that pick and choose the laws and concepts of God that they “think” prove that they are right – and just like the children of Israel they are, “without excuse.”



Much of Paul’s writing to the churches was basically messages of, “hang in there” “keep the Faith” in The Big God Who has a plan and Loves you, And he preached this for a Very simple reason – Perfect Rest Here and Now comes from knowing Big God Loves you, has Everything under control and Big God with All His heart wants you to live a painless, happy, joyful and Peace-Full existence Here and Now!



The way to do that is Follow Him – Not law, not religion, not instant gratification by some temporary pain reliever like drugs, sex, money or power – BUT by following Big God Who Is LOVE beyond your imagination!



The greatest flat tire that ever existed in my life which created turmoil and tremendous Un-rest in what I thought was Big God but turned out to be little mini-god was in Not understanding Grace! True Grace IS and Always has been The Power that sets you FREE! FREE from the law, FREE from the past, FREE from worry, FREE from First to Last!



If you care to see what True Grace looks like and how it started for me why don’t you answer 6 questions to start and then 7 questions based solely on scripture provided at this link:





Hope you decide to take the journey!