Which do you believe in?


The Good News of The Gospel is better – so very much better than most people, especially Christians think it is! In order to take a look at this and examine it more closely I want to take a look at the four most common gospels taught and compare them to The Gospel of Grace that I teach.


1) The gospel of works – Yes Jesus saved you and now He expects you to behave a certain way, do certain things and try with all your might to avoid certain other things.


2) The gospel of emotionalism – YES! Jesus saved you and you can feel it, you must feel it, you come to church to feel it! This gospel basis their connectivity to God by the emotions they feel or don’t feel and are basically left with an emotional roller coaster of being loved or not being loved by God.


3) The gospel of super powers – Yes, Jesus saved you and if you pray hard enough, sweat long enough and jump through all the right hoops and IF the right person prays the right prayer over you and IF….. – then God will heal you.


4) The mixed gospel – This is a mix of the above gospels which is actually the most common message. You are applauded for being a “good boy” or a “good girl” as everyone knows “God Loves good boys and girls” but you are shunned for being outside the belief of what is right by law and wrong by law. Most people here will agree in theory with the gospel of Grace and say that its not by works and yet they cant see the forest for the trees as that is exactly what they practice.


The Gospel of Grace – Yes Jesus did it ALL! At the very moment I accepted Him I was made Whole, Complete and Reconciled to God Almighty! He Loved me this much and more than I could ever imagine and from His Love and Mercy and Grace – I grow to Appreciate Him, Know Him and Love Him – He Loves me as I am Not as I should be! There is no end in His Love and His Peace passes All understanding in part because I am no longer under the law, I am in Christ which is in Grace! EVERYTHING needed to make me complete is finished and I have accepted that in the Being of Jesus Christ who Now lives in me!


Let The Journey Begin!




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