Imperfect beings such as us cannot understand Perfect Love, this is why we exist – to Grow in it. Growing in Perfect Love is Growing in Faith (Rest) in Who God Is and how He feels about us.


Its ok to love imperfectly – we are imperfect – but don’t be afraid to say “I am sorry” and learn to love to a greater degree from that experience. This includes our lack of love for ourselves especially as  this is the starting point for all other love.


As we begin to love to a greater degree we find that fear begins to leave us and life begins to open up in a whole new way. This whole new way is called “Abundant Life” and this is what Christ came to provide for us. 


Christ taught us this by – Loving and Accepting All who He met without treating them differently based on the life they lived.


Christ taught us this by – Forgiving All that He met no matter how badly they treated Him and what they did to Him.


Christ taught us this by – Being “the end of the law” as Christ was “the second Adam” and through Him and by Faith in Him and His Gift to us “All things become new.”


If you would like to grow in this understanding please click on one of the links below. The first one is in English. The second one is in Tagalog. If you would like to translate the study in Spanish or Chinese please email me at and let me know.