Our lives reflect the God we believe in and as a result many do not see The God of unconditional Love and Grace! Not because Christians don’t act morally – but because Christians don’t Live GraceFully! 
Most Christians say they are under Grace and not law but they live out and show the world a rule based religion instead of Abba Father Who sent His Only Son to “take away the sins of the world” – “He didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it!” If you fear god as cosmic policeman others will see that and see Christianity as just another “come to me and do what I tell you religion! 
But If you see and learn and begin to grasp the Love, Peace, Joy and Grace from The God of “Eternal Love” and If you begin to see what it means to be “reconciled”, “justified”, “cleansed” and “purified” through the power of His blood and sacrifice Alone – the world will beat a path to your door to get what God has Freely given you!
Care to know more about this view from scripture? Check out this link and see what answers you get to 7 simple questions and scripture!

Let The Journey Begin!