What is the goal?


Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!” – Philippians 4:1


The “joy and crown” of Paul was believers who have learned that Love is ALL that matters.


Paul had the hardest time with the churches and people that went to a legalistic view of God or saw God as just another deity to appease to hedge their bets with the afterlife – Why?


Because both of these views are inward focused instead of outward focused! Both of these views call for the believer to think about self-first – “my works and deeds” “my future security.”


Paul like Christ was more focused on the other than on himself. Paul was more about Love than on his ego and in fact his ego was dead long before he was.


Paul knew that nothing could separate him from this Amazing Love he had found and he wanted nothing more than with his dying breath to help others find that Love. It wasn’t about some lame dogma or think like me thing – It was ALL about Love!


What was it that crowned the head of Christ on the cross? It was the same thing that made a very secure Jewish religious leader in training leave everything behind to follow “the way” – some crazy group that followed this guy who wondered around the desert teaching Love as the way to God!


In both cases Love is what held things together, Love is what kept them going through the darkest times and Love was and is the crown of our life!


–        And here is the key:




No need to focus on yourself – He will take care of all your needs. No need to look around and compare – Only His opinion and judgment counts!


Be the Love!


Be the light of His Love and rest – and watch others who desperately need that rest find you – they will believe me.




Love - The Way!