“Peace that passes All understanding” Only comes from The Gospel that teaches Love beyond All human comprehension.


The reason so few Christians have any real peace is that the gospel they have been taught is Not about 100% Faith in Christ. Faith in Love beyond what we can imagine. Faith that God Almighty Himself would sacrafice so that He and man can be Reconciled.


For most the gospel is a very watered down Puritanical push to seek greater morality through part of the law of Moses. For most the gospel has become “ok now do better” instead of “and I will give you rest” “set the prisoners Free” “no longer under the law!”


“When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” … Luke 5:20


Jesus repeatedly said that sins were forgiven by thier Faith in Him. Jesus repeatedly healed and made people whole by thier Faith in Him.


Hebrews 11 … Faiths Hall of Fame … is all about what truely makes life worth living. As we rest in Faith we can Love All and judge none because we Stop trying to do laws and base a persons connection to God on material things and morality and instead we base connection to God on Faith that All that is needed has Already been provided by the Love of God!


We we see Gods Love as bigger than human love we can open ourselves and others up to the kingdom of God that lies within us because of The Peace He gave us by showing “It is Finished!”