Are you blessed or cursed?

Please read Matthew 5:3-11

Did you ever find it interesting that Christ spent very little time talking about keeping the law?

Here is a perfect place for Christ to say, “Blessed is he who follows the law and obeys this and that for I will not whack them with lightning bolts from the sky” but He doesn’t do that. Instead He talks about Lovers. Yes Lovers of people are:

Blessed are the humble” or poor in spirit- opposite of how the law makes you by the way because the law gives you bragging rights or condemnation based on your day.

Blessed are the meek”- Holiness doesn’t come from you or me! Grace creates meekness because I am in constant thankfulness to God for what He has done and understanding that None of it came from me!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness”- a hunger for righteousness Is a hunger for Jesus, the law Never made anyone righteous! Grace says you can Love because you are not the judge so the focus is on Loving not looking and telling others how to live.

Blessed are the pure in heart”- Following the law for righteousness forces you to NOT be pure in heart because you are doing something out of a legal checklist not an overflowing Love from Above.

Blessed are the peacemakers”- Peace comes from the bringing together that which was separated – you were separated from God and His Peace until Christ and your acceptance of that. Being peacemaker is bringing that message of unconditional Love, Acceptance and Peace to others – not based on their effort but on His accomplishment and Gift on the cross!

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness”- why were the religious leaders so against Christ and the early church? Could it be that they taught a type of righteousness that was liberating? No more sacrifices’ and goofy regulations because your sacrifice has been paid in full. It is Christ and Him crucified that makes you whole and complete.

The simple reason that these are the Be-attitudes is this – as you grow in Grace and Freedom these states naturally occur! If you are trying in human effort to get there – you Never will!


Start Being and stop doing!