Are you empty yet?


Has anything melted away yet?


Do you need more time in the fire?


Then set the empty pot on the coals till it becomes hot and its copper glows, so that its impurities may be melted and its deposit burned away. It has frustrated all efforts; its heavy deposit has not been removed, not even by fire.” – Ezekiel 24:11-12


Once the ego is gone the good stuff can start! This means that with the ego no longer in the way you can learn to Love in a way that causes most people to think you are ill-LOL!


We are no longer under the law once we are in Christ- but there is still growth and wow what a ride that is! What does this mean?


It means that there will be times when you feel a breeze on your face and learn something of amazing spiritual significance. For me one day I felt a breeze and God said, “The weakness you have will blow away with the wind, keep the faith son!”


The trouble with following the law or having one foot in law and one in grace is that the impurities can’t be melted and its deposits can’t be burned away. Why?


Because it hasn’t “frustrated all efforts” yet!


As long as you are trying to “do” righteous you will never “be” righteous. God seeks a relationship with you based on your dependence on Him for holiness, not your dependence on a rock.


All the pain you are going through is a waste until you are “in Grace” and not “under the law” because “under the law” considers your effort as something that could somehow change your standing with God! Two words on this idea- Good Luck! Nine words on this idea- Good Luck you are so going to need it!


Here is a meditation for you. Find a time and a place where you probably won’t be disturbed and start by taking several deep breaths. Every time you exhale see God catching your stress as it flows out of you. Begin to get a picture of you struggling and as you get it see you smiling as you know that more impurities just melted away. As you get this picture:


Breathe in and say:

Abba empty me


Breathe out and say:

Of all ego


Practice this until you realize that there is nothing you can give Him except an empty self- See how much He Loves you!!


Don’t worry- Be Grace-Full!!



His rest is Freely available Here and Now!