Grace is crazy!

Gods True Grace makes No human sense so don’t be too surprised by the people that think you are crazy when you follow Grace. In fact be concerned if no one thinks you are crazy because that probably means you are just following the crowd on the wide road!

Then Jesus entered a house, and again a crowd gathered, so that he and his disciples were not even able to eat. When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.”’ – Mark 3:20-21

When you Love like God Loves, unconditionally and with reckless abandon, the hurting will cling to you and the “normal” will think you are at least crazy!

In this passage above Jesus had just broken the Sabbath law twice, healed multiple people and appointed the twelve according to the gospel of Mark. Some very busy times and the fame of Jesus was growing by the second!

Upon hearing of all this, the family of Jesus, who were good Jewish non-boat rockers decided they had to act! And act they did! They caught up with up with Him so they could “take charge of Him” so they could stop Him from rocking the boat any further. “Be a good boy Jesus and come on back and make furniture like your father” was probably the thought and hope of His family.

Know this, when you begin to see that God is limitless many will want to limit Him for you! Many will turn their back on you or suddenly be less than interested in you, your life and your new found Freedom that was paid for by Christ!

In my own personal life I have found that many want to look at the Ocean of God’s Love but very few want to jump into it! Many want to play in the sand on the shore but the last thing they want to do is get in over their head – Do Not be discouraged! I was for a considerable time until I learned this simple Truth that further set me Free in Christ:

God IS In Control! I know for many that is a flimsy phrase at best but that means that the seeds you plant through His Love are His to nurture as He will, so relax and chill baby because He has got this ALL under control!

The law is comfortable and it will keep you on the comfortable shore - or you can dive into His Ocean of Love on Faith!

The law is comfortable and it will keep you on the comfortable shore – or you can dive into an Ocean of Love on Faith!