Are you connected or complacent?

Do you tremble or Stand Strong and Courageous?

Why is His road difficult and easy at the same time?

You women who are so complacent, rise up and listen to me; you daughters who feel secure, hear what I have to say! In little more than a year you who feel secure will tremble; the grape harvest will fail, and the harvest of fruit will not come.” – Isaiah 32:9-10

The reason you are getting your religious butt kicked time and again is that Christ came to remove All the buts, by once and for all establishing a spiritual connection between you and God!

In a spiritual relationship with God Almighty there are no buts – however in legalism buts grow like weeds and complacency is the gardener for it.

The people to whom this was written were legalist! Strong, devote followers of rules and regulations in a world where there was no color or shades of grey – only black and white!

This was and is the life in the comfort zone of God in a box. We have all the knowledge of who God is and what He wants and as long as we jump through the hoops, pay the tithe, sing the song and smile through the pain – we are holy!

The only problem with God in a box is that God isn’t in a box for anyone except those who by a “complacent” legalistic life make a mockery of Jesus, God and His Grace by denying themselves a relationship with the Living God through believing in His Love for them!

While it would be easy for us to sweep this passage and thousands more under the rug by saying, “oh that was the old testament, today we are so much wiser” I propose to you that by the powers of the devil at work today we haven’t learned squat! This is why I write about the Only way to a relationship with God – Grace!

Grace – Jesus secured it for you – Once and for All – when He said “It is Finished” He meant that once and for all a path outside of performance based legalism was secure and established through believing in Him Alone!

The start of this path for me was in this simple Bible study of 7 questions and scripture – please read it, meditate on it and once you get it, steal it, post it, share it But most importantly Live It! Life Abundantly starts the second you get this in your heart and not just your head: