Which kind of perfect do you choose?


Could your choice cause pain?


Vs. 21 “Jesus answered, If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” – Matthew 19:21


When nothing else matters to you except Love you are perfect like He was perfect.


This is why so many traps exist in this world and so many times we get sucked into them. This is also why so many buildings full of people of Sunday mornings are meaningless.


What was Jesus really saying here?


Anything outside of the Love from Above, any life given over to anything other than Love, any shield that we have that keeps us from Loving IS anti-Christ!


The problem is there are so many treasures- not talking about money, so many things- not talking about possessions, and so many achievements that can blind us to the Love He wants us to share that there are too many to count.


I once heard someone say, “Anything can become an addiction” and it is so very true. With this in mind how on earth can we ever hope to be a non-addict? How can we ever “be perfect?”


You can’t!


The perfecting work of Christ is a constant journey into a being that Loves without condition, judgment or effort. This is the only spiritual path of any consequence and the only relationship one can have with Christ. Anything else is works and addiction followed by another and then another as each addiction ends up worth-less than the last.


The law is for judgment but Grace is for Life and that Life is more abundant the more you give your holiness over to Him and the less you depend on you.


Today ask yourself this one question, meditate on it and carry it in your thoughts throughout the day:


How am I perfect before God?”


Don’t worry- Be Grace-Full!!


How are you perfect before God?