Care for a little fun experiment?


Would you like to see what was most on Jesus’s mind the most?


Would you say that whatever Christ talked about most was what we need to be about the most?


Get a Concordance or a book that tells you what’s in the Bible and look up how many times Jesus said the word “love.” Now compare that with how many times he said the word “law” and “obey” combined.


What do you get?


I can tell you what I got, Christ was all about saying and spreading one thing and that was “LOVE!”


Radical as it seems today it was even more radical during His days here on earth. Can I explain how a God who is Love would allow babies to get sick and die or how that same God would kill the enemies of the Israelites in the Old Testament- Nope I sure can’t. I can tell you that everything happens for a reason and I believe part of the reason for bad things to happen is for people like you and I to get off our backside and reach out with Love.


To share with the hungry and to help the sick and orphaned is exactly what Jesus would be doing if He were here today and He is through you if you allow Him to be.


Could it be that the same Jesus who took a bullwhip to the temple salesmen trying to make a buck off God is the Jesus who would later die on the cross for them?



Could it be that both instances were about Love?



Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever.” – Psalm 136:1-3



God is about freeing people. That has been His mission all along and I believe it still is through Jesus.



Perhaps through you going and sharing with an orphanage some will see Love and be set free? Perhaps if you listen He will speak to you there and heal you or answer some questions you have that keeps you in bondage?



Perhaps by working at a soup kitchen you will meet someone that will radically change your perception on life and love?


Here is a great meditation to start your day and do throughout the day. Find a time where you can be alone and you won’t be disturbed and you can just breathe in and out and Be with God. Offer this as a prayer to Him: John 15:12


Breathe in and say:

Love Others


Breathe out and say:

As I Love you


As you practice this meditation for several minutes picture Jesus feeding the 5,000 or picture Jesus with orphan kids on His knee. Perhaps you could picture Jesus taking some food to that cranky old neighbor who lives by himself and everyone dislikes.


Have a Grace-Full Day 🙂


What does Christ desire more than Anything?