America, the reason for what seems like an endless season of pain is that as a nation we have forgotten what God is All about. God Is Love!

Although at times I question if we ever knew this I believe there was a time when as a people we were forced to look out for each other and take care of each other and love each other despite our differences – that time is coming again!



1)REALIZE – that God is not impressed by big buildings in which to supposedly worship Him. God doesn’t want or need your vain sacrifices at alters built to impress others. God is not at all seeking the show that you put on by shaming, condemning and belittling others. God is Not an ATM and He would much rather have you broke and happily depending on Him than fat, rich and comfortable in your own ideas of goodness.


2)UNDERSTAND – that GOD IS LOVE! Love All, judge none and when you Love, Love from a pure motive that honestly wants to help the other – Not to get another church member. Love the least of these. Love with reckless abandon. Open your borders to refugees and LOVE them! Have Faith that in Loving with Reckless abandon God will protect you and watch over you!


3)NOW – humble yourself (which means think of yourself less and think of others more) Stop thinking that God called you to be morality police and work for, fight for His justice which is to feed the hungry, comfort the hurting and accept the downtrodden without checking to see if they “sin differently” than you! Be the Shinning city on the hill for All to see and let that light Be His Light of Love, Peace and Hope found Only in Love that is Unconditional, Eternal and Beyond human capability to imagine!


Repent America – Repent by Forgiving like there was no yesterday and Loving like there is no tomorrow – for in that we see the kingdom of God!



Repent America