Peace=Righteousness- A tribute to 9/11


What does Peace have to do with righteousness?


Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.” – James 3:18


There is a type of peace that you are invited to that can only happen by following Christ by Grace through Faith.


Christ did not come into the world to create world peace but He does come into your heart to create a Peace that passes All understanding even in the midst of absolute chaos. This is the Peace that is talked about in verse 18 and it can only be found in Grace, God’s pure Love and acceptance that was born of blood on the cross!


A harvest of righteousness is simply this – Love flowing in and through all those around you as they see the result of Grace in you. That result is obvious as the Love from Above is unmistakable!


This is the type of Love that on 9/11 will have an American Grace-Full family invite a Moslem family to dinner. This type of Love is the type that will share the Love even with the person that has a whip at the back of the Son of God as He walks up to die on an old rugged cross!


This is Love like Nothing the world has ever seen or even heard of outside Jesus!


This type of Peace is also the type of Love that a person realizes and recognizes for their inner being as they realize that God Almighty Loves them so much just as they are that He sent His only Son to die to show them just how much. Since God Loves you just as you are- do you think you can do the same?


Find a time and a place where you probably won’t be disturbed and just take a moment to breathe. Start by taking a couple of deep breathes to just relax and with each exhale know that He is taking all your stress away and giving you Peace in its place because He Loves you so very much. Once you feel a bit more relaxed just breathe normally and:


Breathe in and say:

Let me sow Peace


Breathe out and say:

Let me sow Love


Practice this for a while and anytime you start thinking that your mission here is to do anything other than “Love One Another!”


Don’t worry-!


May 9/11 forever remind us of the Peace that Passes all understanding!