The greatest challenge many face with a god is that he is a god and Not The God!


A god is from our own understanding. The God in order to Be The God, Must by definition be Beyond mere human understanding!


A god loves from our understanding of love. The God in order to Be The God Who Is Love and Who sent His Only Son to save His enemies, Must by the very fiber of His Being have Love that is beyond human ability to conceive!


A god that was formed through the screens and interpretations of life as we have been in it only has mercy and hope for those who are like us. The God of All creation Who has been since before time, Must by nature be Bigger, more Complete in Wisdom, Acceptance and beyond our feeble ideas of life, reality and reasoning!


A god that was created by leaning on our own understanding will be a constant source of division and condemnation among people. The God Who sent His only Son into the world Not to condemn the world but to save it is so far beyond the most advanced human concept of making god in our image, that words cannot describe the arrogance that must go with a person who honestly thinks “God is just like me and no one else!”


A god calls us to go into the world and convert people to our way of thinking. The God Who Is Love seeks those that know His Love to Be His Love and like Jesus this spreads The Good News that God Is Love, He Loves you beyond human perception, He Loves me beyond human perception and All He wants is a Love based relationship with us By Grace through Faith and Not based on our works or legalistic obedience At All!

If He isnt bigger than you can imagine - heaven is going to suck!