When our hopes and dreams get slammed into the rocky coast of life’s ever eroding shoreline depression and despair can easily become our anchor dragging us down to the depths and creating a Devine Misery Intervention. When a brutal dictator or an unjust system creates a situation where 10s of thousands or more are killed or starve to death and the question, “where is God?” begins to circulate we are being set up to see a Devine Misery Intervention.



We have This Hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” – Hebrews 6:19a



If our hope is in our doings and effort and work we will lose. We will have constant emotional roller coasters with good days producing ego and bad days producing discouragement – both of which make Christianity just another religion. To this hope if we are blessed, God will allow our dreams to crash, our abilities to be decimated and we will face depression and discouragement.


If our hope is in power or things and feelings we will lose. We will be constantly worshipping the god of MORE and his never satisfied push for MORE will waste all our life’s energy seeking what will become sand in the hand – looks good in church but causes misery and emptiness in the soul. To this hope if we are blessed, God will allow us to fail miserably, take a great fall, lose everything and become numb to good feelings.


IF however, our Hope is in Perfect Love that sacrificed All to make us perfect, IF our Hope is based on ALL righteousness coming from The One Who Lives inside All who believe And IF our Hope is in knowing that He Is the End of the law for All who believe – WE WIN!

Guilt and shame are gone, banished forever! Peace and Hope and Rest become our Lifestyle even in the midst of the greatest storm And “Love One Another” becomes our path as we walk in an ever growing understanding of His Grace and Mercy Knowing by Faith that we have been “Reconciled” “Justified” “Purified” and made wHOLeY as He Is HOLY by His Gift on the cross!


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