The Freedom Christ gives wasn’t cheap to Him – but it’s Free to us because Gods Love is All that and more!


Sin separated (Past tense) us from God And the power of sin Is the law. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse Himself! All this was done because while you were (Past tense) an enemy of the cross Christ died A brutal and horrendous death so that you could no longer sin against God!


In this life and journey of Grace is there still sin? Yes and no depending on your definition. You cannot break a law that you are no longer under – if your heart does not condemn you, you are not condemned and where there is no law neither is there Any condemnation!


Am I still growing? Yes Absolutely – One way I grow is as I at times “sin” against my brother by not being Loving and bearing his burden or by placing myself back under law they are under so they won’t stumble, But “sin” that would separate me from God went out on the cross!

Another way I grow is by being able to listen to His still quiet voice that I could never hear over the screams of the laws requirements but now I hear it even in the wind passing through the trees!

What I am talking about is Grace! Grace is one of the primary points in which a person grows after accepting Christ. Other points of growth are in Faith, or Resting in what And more importantly Who is unseen And the knowledge of His Perfect Love for you! Another growth point is Patience, waiting on Him and knowing Here and Now is Perfect because He made it that way!

Basically once a person believes and knows where they stand with the law, Grace and God because of Christ Alone, they grow in the Fruits Of the Spirit – Not from their effort but from The Journey of Grace!


If you missed it and would like to see this laid out in scriptural references try the 777 Challenge! You can start with day 1 if you like at this link:


Take the whole 7 Day 7 Questions 7 Answers Challenge over 7 days or over a few hours if you like – the time doesn’t matter near as much as an open spirit and mind to be willing to search and understand the Amazing Love and Grace of God Almighty Who Longs and Yearns to Be your Best Friend Forever!

777 - Conclusion