Be Here Now with The God who Is Love!

“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” – Philippians 4:11

The best way for the devil to distract us from our primary mission and to create an image for others of a God who doesn’t care is for our emotions to get involved with who we think God is.

What if I could show you a simple “checklist” on how to Be Here Now and experience God?

To be content in every situation is to realize and grasp the reality of God in our life in the moment and to understand who He is and His posture towards us.

This being the case the next time you feel your emotions overtaking you or the next time you feel the wave of panic or sorrow coming up ask yourself these questions – make a checklist by copy and paste if you have to:

1)    Do I believe in God?

2)   Do I believe God Is Love?

3)   Do I believe God radically Loves me with a Love that no human could ever fully understand or explain?

4)   Do I believe that God is all powerful?

5)   Do I believe that no matter what choices I make His provisions are there and I have been forgiven Not because anything I have done but because of what Christ did on the cross?

These questions will help you see the reality of your situation – whatever it is and the never ending hand and provisions freely given to you by The God who Is Love and Loves you more fully and completely than you or I could ever hope to understand!

Let The Journey Begin!

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