Is there one verse that defines a spiritual person?


Is there any way to identify some healthy spiritual keys?


Please read Isaiah 38:17


One verse so much meat and potatoes we could feed all of China with it!


Vs. 17 “Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish.”


Healthy spiritual key #1Faith – Faith that what I have and am going through was for my benefit. Keep in mind that Faith is not knowing, it’s trusting something that can’t be seen. Sometimes we can see how pain has healed us sometimes we can’t but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t.


In Your Love You kept me from the pit of destruction


Healthy spiritual key #2Love – Love from Above is the only Love that will hold you when that “pit of destruction” is in your path. This means He will keep you as you face that pit, go around that pit or yes even stumble and almost fall into it. You will not fall completely into it because His Love will protect you and no matter how deep you think you have fallen His Love is still holding you and surrounding you.


You have put all my sins behind Your back


Healthy spiritual key #3Grace – Grace says you have been “born again” white as snow not under the law of stone but “in Christ” with the Love that He places in you. Yes He places your sin behind His back- and its a very big back! Grace says Love God and Love others and that’s it!


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Faith, Love and Grace grow from these answers!

Faith, Love and Grace grow from these answers!