There are two understandings that IF we grasp them can lead to a greater sense of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love like you have never known it this Christmas! Take a look at 2 very short articles I felt inspired to write while enjoying the lights, sounds and Love of this Holy Holiday season!

The first article has to do with the origin of pain and how we pass it on:


If we allow the pain of another to infect us it will eventually create a pain ricochet that could well infect others and proliferate the pain.


If we meet the pain of the other with Love, acceptance and understanding we can create a Love ricochet that in time will create peace in the person with pain and propagate Grace.


Jesus knew this all too well and if you look closely at His teachings you will see that this is why we are invited to be the “salt” and the “light!”


Love Lesson


The second step to Love this Christmas is to grasp that GOD IS so far outside the limited ability that man can see and IF we live in the awareness of this – Christmas and indeed every moment will become a Wondrous Journey! Here is how to start:


Having The God Who is in complete control of All things has miraculous healing qualities! This is how I know God is bigger than my brain can imagine – I have no idea how He does it but He actually has All things work together for my good – yes even my “mistakes.”


The healing starts with complete rest in what has been as you see it as the path that lead you to God and if you listen to that past, you will be able to help others see the beauty in past hurt and anguish. The healing continues as we open up to what will be with the knowledge that since He brought me to Be Reconciled to Him through the Amazing Love He showed through His Sons sacrifice, He Must Love me more than Any Love I ever thought possible!


The healing is challenged in the present tense as this is where the battle of Faith is fought! It’s not Faith vs. sin as sin was defeated on the cross and the law ends where Christ begins! The battle for healing here is to accept the past with His forgiveness, rest in the future with His bigness and Be in the Present with the knowledge that By Grace through Faith, All is exactly as it should be and He Loves you as you are and Not as you should be!