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Intro to the Journey

Bob on May 13th, 2012

Great to have you here! I am glad that you stopped by and I hope you will feel free to look around.


This site is about a spiritual journey. The vehicle for this journey is not religion, doctrine or dogma. This journey is not about the place where you end up or what you look like. This journey is ALL about one 4 letter word- LOVE!


Love from Above is a Free gift and the depth of it is the journey that we are on. There are countless potholes, phenominal fellow travelers and tremendous views along the way. No two journeys are the same and while we may travel on the journey for a time together the majority of growth will happen when we can just be still and in solitude reflect.


I am excited you are here and I hope you will read about my journey, listen to the stories I will share and perhaps we will travel together for a while. So come on in, explore and enjoy as we share the wonders of Love, Grace and Peace on the journey!

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- "His Grace is sufficient for me!"

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- “His Grace is sufficient for me!”

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Bob on October 21st, 2020

Healing through Grace

There is a healing that is a journey and for some of us a lifelong journey to leave the hurt and pain for peace and hope. Here is how:

  1. Leave our doing for “Perfect Loves” Did – “It is Finished” means we can stop trying to act righteous and focus on The Love that made us righteous.

  2. Listen to The Lover not the loser – The Lover invites us to Peace and Rest based on Acceptance and Perfect Love – the loser pushes us to struggle for more based on our efforts.

  3. Choose Being over doing – To focus on our Being is to grow love with so we can share love with all. This is seeing ourselves and our inadequacies, growing to rest in Perfect Loves sufficiency (Grace) and in that healing our soul – doing grows ego or depression based on our performance.

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Let The Journey Begin!

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Bob on October 21st, 2020

The Place of Rest

There is a Place. A Place of Rest. A Place of Peace. A Place of Acceptance. A Place of Hope. A Place of Joy. A Place of Equality. A Place of Healing. A Place of Freedom.

This Place is within each of us but a journey must be made to get there. This journey is in and of itself the healing. This journey is about integrity of the soul and an openness to Rest in Being still and knowing:

  1. Knowing The Divine Is God, The Great I Am, The Beginning and The End, In All, Created All and Controls All.

  2. Knowing The Divine is Perfect Love, Perfect Love that’s beyond human comprehension, Perfect Love that is the source of All.

  3. Knowing that Perfect Love gently guides the soul, opens the soul, accepts the soul and teaches acceptance in the soul and to the soul.

  4. Knowing that in The Acceptance Freely offered by Perfect Love that is in complete control and The Creator of All there is healing and Rest to just Be and Know, Here and Now.

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resting or Resting?

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Bob on October 14th, 2020

Works of Rest – 2

The opposite of Rest or Faith is stress from a works based model or the desire for “more” than the Beloved state.

This is the reason for “the original sin” – the story of “the fall” is the story of man wanting “more” than Love.

Love whispers for us to Be, more screams at us to Do – in this we see the very nature of The Divine, and The Divine plan of Grace.

The story of “the fall” is the story of us, our wants and our Need – yes singular – Need because All we Need is Perfect Love. Resting in the idea or understanding of The Divine Being Perfect Love and That Love Being beyond human comprehension this Is Abundant Life. On the other hand what kills our Resting are our wants for “more” – “more” always looks good on the outside but biting into it (no pun intended) will always lead to the death of being here now resting in Perfect Love.

Again this series is about shining a light on “Works of Rest” as opposed to works of mans desire, one of which is religion. Resting or “Faithing” in our Being is a growing process of understanding “The Gift” and it’s value.

“but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” … Genesis 2:17

“But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” … Genesis 3:4-5

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Bob on October 13th, 2020

Unite or divide

True Grace is that which Unites us all in our need for and connection with Perfect Love.

False graces of which there are a multitude are those which much be defended to protect an ideology, theology or group creating divisions between people.

It’s very true that there is strength in unity as unity is a sign of love. When that unity is in Perfect Love, miracles happen. Miracles like:

  1. We are able to open up about our deepest hurt and get acceptance, understanding, encouragement and healing. This enables us to leave addictive behaviors and grow in inner peace.

  2. We are able to realize the fears we have inside and release them resting in the understanding that everything is in the hands of Perfect Love. This allows us to develop relationships and have experiences that bring joyful moments.

  3. We are able to rest in the growing awareness that The Love that embraces us in each and every moment of our lives is beyond human comprehension. This encourages us to see that all things are working together for good and therefore have a hopeful future.

False graces on the other hand play on our fears to divide us by causing:

  1. Conformity of thinking that allows little to no dissent.

  2. An appearance of peace and hope but based on effort and looks.

  3. A secrecy of internal fears and hurt hidden by mask and constant work.

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

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Bob on October 13th, 2020

The GraceFull path is one of Rest building “works” that grow greater trust in the Love and ability of The Divine Lover.

Let’s dive into this by looking at the reason and results of some of the greatest stories of The Bible. What we are really looking for is “the why” of what happened.

One example takes us back to the very beginning – the fall of man.

Why was “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” out of bounds and off limits?

Could if have anything to do with teaching future generations that Perfect Love is enough and Rest in what you have?

This is just one example of how the GraceFull path is very different from the religious path. The religious highway will tell you to prove who you are, The GraceFull path invites you to Rest in Divine Perfect Love.

Works of Rest is the start of a new series that I hope you will check out on – in the mean time here are some other links on the subject:

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Bob on October 10th, 2020


Most miss their present state of being because they missed The Gift that got them there.

With that being said I want to examine the Divine Dictionary for another word – “Redeemed” as in the past tense for Redeem – as in the work of “The Redeemer.”

Redeemed is another word we need to understand to grasp the freedom, Peace and most importantly The Love beyond human comprehension that is the very foundation of Grace.

Redeemed means “to regain possession of” but it also means “to fulfill or carry out” and both of these definitions have been crucial to my journey of Grace – here is why:

  1. The Divine “Finished” “regaining possession” of us on the cross. As a species we had tried and we continue to retry (LOL) many false paths to false freedom, peace and love – and well look around you at where we are at. But we pursue these without understanding the “Finished” nature of our current state of Being. To dive into that check out this link:

  2. To “fulfill or carry out” was completed by showing the nature at the very core of The Divine. The cross was the Divine set up from the very foundation of the world so that we could have a Great life Here and Now. From before the start of the evolution of this place we call earth, there was Perfect Love. That Perfect Love always was and always will be and always has been about a passionate and relentless desire to embrace you, hold you and show you Love beyond human comprehension, the cross carried that out.

“Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree” … Galatians 3:13

I hope you enjoyed this and if you would like to read and examine more like this check out the links below:

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Bob on September 26th, 2020

The Divine Dictionary – 1

The Divine Dictionary calls for definitions that are beyond human knowledge – and in this there is a journey of Amazing Grace IF you just believe in Perfect Love.

But what does it mean to “just believe”?

For me it means:

  1. Rest – even on my darkest days I can Rest in The Solid Rock of Love beyond human comprehension that is in me, surrounds me and protects me.

  2. Rest – in believing that there is a Goodness beyond my ability to see or understand even in the times it seems like it’s just the opposite.

  3. Rest – even in the face of what I consider to be evil, that there is a Divine plan and purpose for it to exist and to show love and understanding toward all involved.

  4. Rest – in the belief that the past is completely forgiven and forgotten, the future is already secured by Perfect Love and this Present Moment is Exactly the one that Perfect Love wants me to have.

  5. Rest – in knowing that fear grows Faith (or greater Rest) and All is Grace and His Grace Is Sufficient.

My hope is to grow the Divine Dictionary to a point where we can develop greater Rest as Rest is what Faith is and Faith in Perfect Love creates not only a perfected soul but also a perfect life.

If you would like to grow in “just believe” feel free to click the links below …

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Bob on September 21st, 2020

fear vs Love – 4

Spiritual health I believe is a journey and at times it seems like the road goes in circles. But the circle is straightened out once we learn or remember the lesson.

So what is “the lesson” we need to learn or remember? From my journey and from what I have seen and experienced, spiritual health has 3 main components all building on #3.

  1. Faith – Faith is Resting. And in this resting is a what and a how much, which will grow IF allowed to. The “what” creates the fruit that our life will become. For example if my Faith is in something or someone Other than Perfect Love that drives out All fear, the results will be an unhealthy spirit. If my “what” of Faith is in An All Powerful Being that Loves me with Love beyond human comprehension then Hope is created. As my “how much” grows in the strength of my belief in this Love then my Hope grows as well.

  2. Hope – Hope is an expectation that creates life. Hope is essential for life to exist and like Faith, Hope needs to be built in something that drives out all fear. It’s been my experience that where Hope is faint or lacking the foundation of the hope is on something or someone other than Perfect Love.

  3. Love – Love, Perfect Love that drives out all fear is the foundation of Faith and Hope, it is the very “Solid Rock” upon which all really good life is built. The opposite of Perfect Love is fear. This is why as the Hope of Perfect Love is Rested (Faith) in the fear that got us TO Perfect Love leaves and our Spiritual Life grows as our religious existence diminishes.

So putting this all together looks like this for me:

The Divine allows things to happen and in fact creates things (religious law for example) to cause difficulties and even impossibilities. The events and impossibilities are allowed so we will grow Rest (Faith) in the Hope that we are Loved beyond human comprehension by The Divine because Faith (Rest) in this Perfect Love creates a life of Peace, Hope, Joy, Acceptance, Patience and basically all the Goodness that makes Life Beautiful.

I hope and pray that you will decide to take a GraceFull journey and dig into these studies below as well as others on the site – Thank you for reading this one:

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Bob on September 20th, 2020

A short video presentation about Love beyond human comprehension …

Bob on September 19th, 2020

fear vs. Love – 3

We are not only creatures of habit, we are also creatures of ideas and beliefs held deep inside. This is why the journey of Grace is so very important to make with soul based integrity.

Our ideas and beliefs haunt us, hound us and can absolutely ruin our lives or they can elevate us, encourage us and empower us. Here are some ways and examples of how that happens:

  1. Learned behavior from our primary care takers creates value sets that create harmful actions. A child who sees domestic abuse in their early years is far more likely to become an abuser. This is an extreme example but it happens everyday.

  2. Learned hurt or pain and it’s origins according to our environment when we were young. If a child is taught that getting close to others causes pain do you think they will want to get close to others? If a child is taught that his dad lost his job because of a person of another color, do you think they might grow up to be racist?

  3. An early learned escape from pain can be a very necessary thing but it can lead to an escape pattern instead of facing the souls mirroring with integrity. For me I learned in some early pain that porn and fantasy would get my mind off my dads cancer and eventual death. But what I didn’t know at the time was how that would rob me of intimacy for a big part of my life.

So how can our ideas and beliefs elevate us, encourage us and empower us? We will go into that in greater detail in “fear vs. Love – 4” but the links below provide some thoughts on this so please check them out.

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