Why did God hate Mary?

Why did God hate Jesus?

What was the sign or evidence of God’s Spirit on someone?

Please read Matthew 1:22-23

Vs. 22 “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: 23“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).

Is God big enough that He could have allowed the birth of Christ to be done without any scandal?

Isn’t being pregnant without a husband call for stoning?

Keep in mind that at the time of His birth Mary and Joseph were not technically a consummated marriage were they?

God doesn’t care about how something looks in human eyes! God doesn’t care about how much money we have! God doesn’t care if we are dirt broke and poor!

He just wants a Love based relationship with you!!

The problem is most churches care about the above. The problem is we are taught that a blessing is somehow connected to our physical being and NOT our Spiritual Being that He very much wants to connect with.

But the greatest problem here is that in teaching that God cares about how our actions appear to others and by teaching that God wants to bless us with “things” and comfort here- the church is teaching the exact opposite of what Christ taught, what Paul and all the apostles lived and they are basically saying that the people of Mary’s village would have been correct to stone her as a slut!

Yes “God us with us” and Yes Praise God Jesus was born but the real question is what does that mean for you today in the here and now?

If God is with you here and now doesn’t it make sense that God being with you here and now would have been similar to God being with those during the time of Jesus?

Was Mary a slut or a woman that should be stoned or did the prophecy and God just show that His Love trumps the law again?

Does this show that God hated Mary and others that followed Him and experienced poverty, pain and hurt or does it show us a road that is the spiritual path not based on law or appearances but instead based on Love and relationship?

Does God want blind obedience for Christmas or for you and Him to have a Love and Grace based relationship?

Remember because of Law Jesus was almost without an earthly father as Joseph “had in mind to divorce her quietly.”

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Would you consider Mary a slut or would you say she obeyed God over law?