The preachers of the megachurch were all excited as they awaited the limo they had sent to pick up Jesus from the 5 star hotel room that they had provided for Him. But then a curious thing happened, the limo pulled up to the edge of the red carpet but it was empty! The senior preacher yelled at the limo driver but then as he was yelling out of the corner of his eye he saw a homeless bum who lived under a nearby bridge walking up to the church. At which time the senior preacher turned to one of his junior preachers and yelled, “I thought I told you to keep his kind away during the visitation of Jesus” as soon as he had finished yelling this he heard the homeless man say:

Haven’t you read this passage of Scripture:

“‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?

Mark 12:10-11

Jesus was, is and always will be “The stone the builders rejected” and there are some very basic reasons for that, all of which center around our desire to have, be a part of and choose a god of MORE instead of The God of Sufficient Grace. The tragically funny thing about this is that many people choose a god of MORE religion and think that is The God of Sufficient Grace! I know because I hear it every day but in this short devotional I want to focus on how Jesus, “has become the cornerstone” – Jesus Is your cornerstone in that:

1. He Loves you more than you love yourself

2. He Forgives you more than you forgive yourself

3. He sets you Free-ER than you set yourself

4. He Loves others more than you do

5. He Forgives others more than you do

6. He sets others Free-ER than you do

In these 6 basic understandings we see the key to a Peace-Filled and Joy-Full existence as all 6 of these are based on The God of Sufficient Grace – The God Who Is Love – The God Who sent His Only Son just to set you Free from the law, your pain and all the false gods of MORE that will ruin your life!

Care to get Stoned on The Stone the builders rejected? Follow the link below and Journey on!