One of the clearest messages from the Christmas story and indeed the life of Christ is that True and Perfect Love seeks no entitlement. Oddly enough if you look at the world today or even during the time of Christ, it was the exact opposite of this idea. At the birth of Christ we see a reality of life versus a beauty of Spirit in your Grace-Full Christmas present # 17 – Loves Faithful Guide!

After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.” – Matthew 2:9-10

Herod, the earthly ruler of that limited area was in panic mode! In fact he had called all the religious leaders, teachers of the law and all the people he could find who might have some knowledge to find out where this “King” would be born. And in what is a common trait of wise men, the wise men left the entitled panic stricken and followed The Guide that they knew in their heart was right!

It’s important to note that the star reappeared Only after they had stepped out in Faith again! Why is that important?

Wise men will leave entitlement for The Love Light! Being someone special or being around someone special is comfortable – it’s nice I am sure to have all the best of everything but wise men know the entitled have to keep a distance from Perfect Love for Perfect Love doesn’t rank goodness or badness as it only sees the precious being that Is made in the image of The Creator! Please make this Christmas The Christmas when you step out in Faith on leaving entitlement!

Wise men are wise enough to know that entitlement breeds sin! Being someone who is entitled means you have to “keep up appearances” and this is the downfall and temptation that satan has used for everyone from Eve to Christ and beyond! Whatever is Not of Faith is sin and Faith is Trusting what can’t be seen which Is His Perfect Love, Mercy, Forgiveness and Grace! Please make this Christmas The Christmas when you step out in Faith in His Perfect Love and leave entitlement behind!

Wise men know Perfect Love will cause panic and fear for the entitled! Being someone who is entitled means you have to make sure that your entitled status remains intact above all else which means Perfect Love will have little chance of having room in your life! This is one reason why it is so very difficult for the comfortable and the religious to find True Grace – they battle to stay on top of the dung heap of planet earth instead focusing on His Perfect Love! This is why the rule book is so very important to the entitled – it gives them a sense of control, even a sense of controlling His Perfect Love! Please make this Christmas The Christmas you step out in Faith to end fear and panic by realizing His Justified, Cleansed and Reconciled Beloved is The Only title worth having and it was provided to you 100% by Him on the cross!

Wise men get Over Joyed by The Journey! The Journey! Life has No meaning without The Journey and that is why entitlement must be left behind! Below is the link to the camel that was my vehicle on The Journey – my prayer this Christmas and with every breath I breathe is that This moment you will start The Journey!