God took His people to Las Vegas and Still they grumbled! Do you believe it? I do and for a very simple reason – the god of more! This is the single most deceptive and crafty god that satan wants you to follow and it goes all the way back to Eve!


The whole Israelite community set out from Elim and came to the Desert of Sin, which is between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth day of the second month after they had come out of Egypt. In the desert the whole community grumbled against Moses and Aaron.” – Exodus 16:1-2


There are two things that are vitally important to a Grace-Full walk I hope you will see here.


Firstthe Desert of Sin” is Not Las Vegas or “Sin city” it was a halfhearted joke to get you to see that through looking at scripture the wrong way – I can see almost anything – To Include a vindictive God who is waiting to punish my every misstep and who secretly hates me and likes to see me in pain!


THIS IS NOT THE GOD OF GRACE! The God of Grace says Jesus really did finish the job, you are Reconciled (past tense) to God Almighty through your belief in Jesus and The God Who Is Love has removed the law and ALL barriers between you and Him through what Christ did! You are no longer under the law because the law is the power of sin and every time you break a law you are separated from God which is impossible after the cross!


Secondly and this goes hand in hand with the first lesson here – you will never have enough with the “god of more!”


Here again we see a major Spiritual law at work – if you want “more” than what God gives you and if you listen to the “if only” voice – you will always be the second dog in the dog sled team where the scenery never changes!


The people grumbled and Constantly came back to belly ache because they didn’t understand what God is trying so desperately to teach us Here and Now as well – GOD’S LOVE IS ENOUGH!


The oldest and most used trick of satan since Eve has been and continues to be that you need, want more and fall down and worship the god of more! The god of more could be anything! For the religious it is following more rules, for the money hungry it is “just one dollar more” and for many it is the dreaded ADOS (Attention Deficit “Oh Shiny”) where a person doesn’t see what God wants them to because they are constantly being drawn to the next new, shiny, bigger or better thing!


The solution to All this is to see The God Who Is Love and created Grace as The Path to Him through His Son Jesus Christ, Once and for All!


My journey there started with 7 simple questions – care to try? Take a look at this link and if you would like to talk afterwards please contact me through the website.






The Truth shall set you Free!