LOVES Mystery

Bob on August 11th, 2016

  LOVES Magic Pill grows best when the conditions of human impossibility are at their highest. When all seems lost and the darkness surrounds us, then and only then can LOVES Magic Pill work the Miracle it was meant for, The Miracle of This Moment.     “Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your […]

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Bob on August 10th, 2016

  We struggle in a world that is out of balance because the organization that is supposed to counterbalance all the evil has lost its way. We desperatly need LOVES  Servant attitude to reignite in us the same attitude of the early believers, “Love others as I have Loved you.”     “Jesus stopped and […]

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Bob on August 9th, 2016

  There are many ways to look at God, but only the most ignorant assumes that God can only be the way they think of Him. The difficulty is its the easiest thing to think and the most comfortable but the damage that it does to others is beyond calculation.     “Those who led […]

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Bob on August 8th, 2016

  What needs to concern us All the most about the current condition of the world is that we are so unable to just “Love one another!” Without a serious shift in thinking towards Unconditional Love for each other, I see little if any hope for the future of mankind.     “When he heard […]

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Bob on August 7th, 2016

  Have you ever looked at miracles in a figurative sense? Consider the message behind the miracle and not just the miracle itself? For me the greatest force opposing Grace is the religious comfort we fall into of which false grace can play a huge role but for this short devotional I want to focus […]

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Bob on August 5th, 2016

  The “wisdom” of mortals is foolishness to Perfect Love. In our “wisdom” we strive for only what we can see, do, know and feel – totally missing love most of the time and making a mockery of Perfect Love with rare glimmers of exceptions. As a result, Peace eludes us, Rest has to be […]

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Bob on August 3rd, 2016

  The value of The Gift is in the value it has to the one who receives it. If a gift has little value to the receiver sooner or later it will be of little or no value at all. If we allow the value of The Gift to grow, Life itself is forever altered […]

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Bob on August 2nd, 2016

  Prophecy is one of the most misunderstood things in all of human history. The ideas presented in foretelling the future are always colored through the stain glass windows of the culture and time to which the message is delivered. All too often the wishes and desires of the human heart shroud the Passionate, Relentless […]

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Bob on August 1st, 2016

  It seems that at certain points in our lives we are Blessed by failure in the very system or idea that created our security. These precious moments allow us to make choices that will determine how the rest of eternity will go for us. Why? Because the Blessing of failure is a PhD in […]

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Bob on July 26th, 2016

  The challenge most people have with Christianity is it has become just another religion – but it wasn’t meant to be that way. In fact most Christians say the same verses I do – but they don’t understand the depth in the verses because they have been trained and indoctrinated into religious Christianity instead […]

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