Bob on April 28th, 2020

We were, are and always will be Beings, Souls forever connected with each other and The Divine in need of companionship, acceptance and love – Grace does this Perfectly. Grace is Free Divine connection to “Perfect Love”, religion is the business of selling it – but that’s what made Jesus different and scary at the […]

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Bob on April 26th, 2020

What does “Reconciled” mean to us? It means The Divine is permanently and irrevocably connected in fellowship with man. It means The Divine Is Perfect Love, Radically Loves us as we are and is willing to show that. It means that The Divine is in every conceivable way interested in each of us, holding us […]

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Bob on April 25th, 2020

Love Quake – 3 A religious diet calls for a worship of the god of MORE that you can read about at the links below. But when the “Love Quake” occurred part of its earth shattering nature was its absolute sufficiency, which frightened the religious establishment and still does. Suddenly with the “Love Quake” man […]

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Bob on April 24th, 2020

Two challenges face us in our spiritual journey: False securities – money, power, religion, things … could be anything or person that we put our faith in and do what we have to in order to get it, feed it and keep it. Our insecurities – pain, hurt, prejudices, beliefs … could be anything that […]

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Bob on April 22nd, 2020

“Peace that passes all understanding” …is two understandings away from being a reality for our current moment… We are Loved beyond human comprehension. The One Who Loves us beyond human comprehension is in control of All things. When faced with challenges instead of asking “why me” which is the road to self pity … try […]

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Bob on April 21st, 2020

Loves Quake – 2 When a fear based control system meets Perfect Love the fear system will either fight or run. It has to – that’s in total disagreement with the very foundations of that system. At the time of the birth of Christ the fear based system that all people on earth lived under […]

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Bob on April 20th, 2020

The cause of suffering is a lack of understanding about what can Not be understood. Faith is Resting in the invisible about the improbable till the impossible happens and knowing that whatever happens it is going to work for good. With this definition in mind I am starting a new series of devotions called “Love […]

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Bob on April 19th, 2020

After 20 plus years of foreign countries and foreign languages if I know anything it’s this – if you can’t read the map that you desperately need to read, you have a very large challenge. With that being said having the only person we could find who could speak to us in English answer the […]

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Bob on April 17th, 2020

Remembering The Miracle of the past creates Rest in the present about the future. From the birth canal to the death bed life is full of challenges – but challenges create the miracles we can remember to Rest in this moment so the future is peaceful Here and Now. The only time Perfect Love encourages […]

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Bob on April 13th, 2020

When we limit Love … we limit All Goodness for “GOD Is Love.” This means we limit Peace when we limit Love. This means we limit Forgiveness when we limit Love. This means we limit Hope when we limit Love. In short we limit All Good characteristics. Limiting Love is limiting Justice and Righteousness and […]

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