Bob on July 31st, 2016

  Fellowship of The Freed Souls – 7/31/16 “Who is Not under the law?” Today’s Meditation: Breathe in: “Christ is the end of” Breathe out: “The law” Today’s scripture: “For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.” Romans 6:14  

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Bob on July 30th, 2016

  The very people who followed the law the closest are the very ones Jesus told to “repent” – and yet today most think that following Jesus is about following the law better. Ever wonder why that is? Ever think that maybe the goal of religion is Not the same as the goal of Jesus? […]

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Bob on July 27th, 2016

  The greatest hurdle that LOVE has to jump is over the very one for which LOVE heals All, man in particular man’s ego. The challenge is that man refuses to Rest and is therefore on a constant spiritually suicidal path that results in religion or other addictions.     “Moses writes this about the righteousness […]

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Bob on July 26th, 2016

  The challenge most people have with Christianity is it has become just another religion – but it wasn’t meant to be that way. In fact most Christians say the same verses I do – but they don’t understand the depth in the verses because they have been trained and indoctrinated into religious Christianity instead […]

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Bob on July 24th, 2016

  Zeal or true purpose has the power to change the world to a greater extent than anything – this is why zeal was given to mortals. The challenge is to let zeal be based on Love as opposed to dogma. Zeal is the ultimate amplifier of what is inside a person and in that […]

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Bob on July 24th, 2016

  For people to follow “LOVES  Light” we have to know the direction it is going and why. When we start flowing against that to which we claim to belong or moving in the opposite direction of “LOVES  Light” pain and difficulty ensue. This kind of pain is the kind that is built on arrogance […]

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Bob on July 24th, 2016

  Here is our Fellowship 0f Freed Souls for 7/24/16  

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Bob on July 23rd, 2016

  Darkness through all of human history has developed, grown and flourished when man in his stupidity limits love. When we try to carve out the ones that are or “should be” loved from “others” we are doing the exact same thing as the religious leaders in the time of Christ, Adolf Hitler during his […]

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Bob on July 22nd, 2016

  The border or boundary that a being puts on LOVE will make a life an existence or an Amazing Journey. Grace for most is less than Amazing for the simple fact that Unconditional and Incomprehensible LOVE is not understood with the depth, passion and promise that it truly has and is.     “The […]

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Bob on July 20th, 2016

  The greatest problems that face us are our own limitations on Love. Look at any headline on any given day and you can easily spot this. Be it stress from not accepting what is, to people feeling a need to force others to change thier mind – it all comes down to our limited […]

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