Bob on May 31st, 2016

  There are people who try and try and work so very hard to figure out each and every mystery with logic and precision and when the rains of life come it all gets washed away or they hang onto their ideas with crusty bitterness. Then there are others for whom mysteries like LOVE are […]

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Bob on May 30th, 2016

  What if I could show you “The Way” to have Peace even in the darkest moments of your life? This Peace isn’t worked for, it’s not about your effort – it’s all about “the rivers” talked about in “LOVES Flow” the devotional from yesterday. If you need to go back and read it to […]

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Bob on May 29th, 2016

  At some point a person needs to ask questions. This is how we grow out of a stagnant comfort zone. This is how we learn and how we make positive changes and help others heal. To stay in pain or in memorized patterns and answers is to die a slow death and in fact […]

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Bob on May 27th, 2016

  In a conversation I find it imporatant to know not only what was said but also who it was said to, the context in which it was said and the cultural meaning behind it. With this in mind let’s examine how Amazing Grace quenches the seemingly unquenchable.   “On the last and greatest day […]

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Bob on May 25th, 2016

  The first and longest lasting plague on mankind was, is and will continue to be religion in the form that most use it. The reason for that is its very comfortable to “judge on appearances” as opposed to be Loved unconditionally, walk by Faith that “His Grace is sufficient” and Be “under Grace” not […]

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Bob on May 24th, 2016

  The call to insane Love will cause the majority to run for cover because that is easier than the journey that Perfect Love calls for. Yes Perfect Love drives out All fear but many times driving that fear out calls for self examination into pain and that is very uncomfortable.     “On hearing […]

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Bob on May 23rd, 2016

  The challenge with Grace is that a person has to be willing to accept dead love for Living Love and this is the journey of Faith that most never make especially the religious. Dead love is tangible, it can be seen, touched and used in the physical sense But it doesn’t supply all our […]

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Bob on May 22nd, 2016

  The defining characteristic of any true love is not how much you need to change to have it but by how much it accepts you Exactly as you are without demanding change. This is the love the soul seeks and the reason that most have left religion or accepted it as a self improvement […]

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Bob on May 21st, 2016

  It is very comfortable to think of God in terms that make me look good But as soon as they terms make us All equal dispite our position, power, laws or any other “god of MORE” that we follow – pain will ensue. If we us the pain productively we will grow to accept […]

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Bob on May 20th, 2016

  There is something very beautiful about the journey of Grace that once realized causes all else to pale in comparison and that is the growth of Perfect Love. I never knew this Perfect Love while I was religious because the simple framework of religion calls for MORE while Perfect Love calls for Rest or […]

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