Bob Hildreth on February 22nd, 2018

When the defenses Create the fall, the first crack in those defenses is usually the multitude leaving the defenses.   The reason the multitudes are leaving the church today is that the church or let me say the vast majority of churches are creating the fall Instead of Defending from it.     “Then the […]

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Bob Hildreth on February 21st, 2018

Which do you believe in?   The Good News of The Gospel is better – so very much better than most people, especially Christians think it is! In order to take a look at this and examine it more closely I want to take a look at the four most common gospels taught and compare […]

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Bob Hildreth on February 21st, 2018

Prostitution is the oldest profession or so it is said … and the churches now like temples then are as active hookers as ever existed.   How have the vast majority of churches become prostitutes?   By teaching a false gospel that makes works part of the Relationship with GOD that Grace allows by Only […]

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Bob Hildreth on February 17th, 2018

Growing in a GraceFull Spirit means leaving a performance based mindset for an Acceptance based Relationship with self and others… and hang on tight, its a bumpy ride.     “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.” … 1 Peter 3:8     If we maintain an […]

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Bob Hildreth on February 13th, 2018

The easiest path to bitterness is to assume things “should” be a different way!   This is why CHRIST said, “look at the birds of the air, does not the Heavenly Father care more for you than them?” Jesus had a very clear sense of accepting Who He was, what His mission was (to Love […]

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