Bob Hildreth on February 21st, 2018

Prostitution is the oldest profession or so it is said … and the churches now like temples then are as active hookers as ever existed.   How have the vast majority of churches become prostitutes?   By teaching a false gospel that makes works part of the Relationship with GOD that Grace allows by Only […]

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Bob Hildreth on February 10th, 2018

Believing … yes simply believing and openning up to the idea of A Love that knows No boundaries will Radically alter your Peace, Hope, Happiness and Life in each and every breath.   Believing … yes simply believing in That Love IS believing in Big God.     “Surely your goodness and love will follow […]

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Bob Hildreth on January 31st, 2018

The biggest challenge man has always faced is seeing and accepting the value that is attached by The Devine.   Most never see the value of breathing until they are no longer able to do so. Most think money is the most important thing in thier lives until they see it cant buy them another […]

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Bob Hildreth on January 28th, 2018

The beginning of the end of worry is the beginning of Faith. Faith is a road that only ends in the inhale after your last earthly exhale.     Faith is Rest in what is, whatever it is because of Who He Is. “God Is Love”, He Radically Loves you, He Radically Loves me and […]

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Bob Hildreth on January 9th, 2018

Incredibly Resting … 1   Life is hard; Spirit is Resting.   One day in a war zone I remember a very distinct life lesson, “Faith is Rest.”     “I will go before you and will level the mountains ; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.” … […]

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