Bob Hildreth on January 2nd, 2017

What the church misses is Who Christ Is, What He Finished and Where that places Anyone who Believes! Who Is Christ? He Is the end of the law for All who believe! He didnt come to change the law just your relationship to it. Faith makes you as Righteous as Christ the second you Believe! […]

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Bob Hildreth on December 26th, 2016

Christmas discounts – 4 man   Misconceptions and miscommunication has been the root of every calamity that we as a planet have faced. So many times in history we can look back and think “if only…” and yet the hardest thing to open is a closed mind.   “All this took place to fulfill what […]

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Bob Hildreth on December 5th, 2016

  When we place one person or group closer to God because of the rules they follow instead of the Love they give we discount Christmas and make a mockery out of The Ultimate Gift!   When we find comfort in our goodness and see someone else’s “badness” we disconnect Righteousness from Faith and attach […]

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Bob Hildreth on October 26th, 2016

  The Real Good News and in fact Amazing News is this! Having Faith in Him is Resting that He “Finished” All you need for Complete Rightesousness – “Christ is the end of the law for All who Believe!”   ITS ALL BEEN DONE – and none of it was done by you in any […]

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Bob Hildreth on October 12th, 2016

  Calamitous lives start when human eyes attempt to have Divine vision. The Grace-Full life Must be lived by Faith which is Not based on human sight. The reason for this is that the first step in the GraceFull journey is off the cliff of the destitute soul and onto the cross of Christ which […]

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