Bob Hildreth on March 21st, 2013

Intro to the Journey

Bob Hildreth on May 13th, 2012

Great to have you here! I am glad that you stopped by and I hope you will feel free to look around.


This site is about a spiritual journey. The vehicle for this journey is not religion, doctrine or dogma. This journey is not about the place where you end up or what you look like. This journey is ALL about one 4 letter word- LOVE!


Love from Above is a Free gift and the depth of it is the journey that we are on. There are countless potholes, phenominal fellow travelers and tremendous views along the way. No two journeys are the same and while we may travel on the journey for a time together the majority of growth will happen when we can just be still and in solitude reflect.


I am excited you are here and I hope you will read about my journey, listen to the stories I will share and perhaps we will travel together for a while. So come on in, explore and enjoy as we share the wonders of Love, Grace and Peace on the journey!

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- "His Grace is sufficient for me!"

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- “His Grace is sufficient for me!”

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Bob Hildreth on November 24th, 2017

Get the Whole Bird at the link below:

Let The Journey Begin!

Bob Hildreth on November 24th, 2017

People lack Peace with God and themselves because they are trying to get it instead of Resting In It!

The full value of the cross of Christ is a mystery to most and no place is that more tragic than the church. The people who are named after Him are often those with the least idea of what the cross Finished, what His sacrifice Accomplished and what position that puts them in with GOD ALMIGHTY! 

When the Bible says “His Grace IS sufficient!” It means there is no more need to try to do that which you could never do – Only Rest in that which He has Already Finished – Believe and Rest!  
Would you like to see how to Not lack anything? Click the link below:

Let The Journey Begin!


Bob Hildreth on November 23rd, 2017

I am, You are, lets Love!

I am a soul, not a color!

I am a soul, not a sexuality!

I am a soul, not a nationality!

I am a soul, not a political party!

I am a soul, not a title of a job!

I am a soul, not a result of something I have done!

I am a soul, not a activity that I am involved in!

I am a soul, not confined by the limited love that another soul believes God has, but instead I am a soul with the Faith that God’s Love Is The Perfect Love that looks past All else and sees His likeness in me and in you!

I am a soul, Deeply Loved with The Love beyond my ability to conceive for in my imperfect human state even though seen as perfect by God I cannot see what He Alone can see in me or in you!

I am a soul, and my soul is equal with and Loved like every other soul by The God Who created me Exactly the way I am and Then said, “It is Good!”

I am a soul on a journey of a growing sense of Peace, Hope and Love as I see the souls around me and accept them in this same way with the same understanding of nonjudgmental, unconditional and Perfect Love from Above!

Let us make this journey together my brother and my sister!
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Bob Hildreth on November 21st, 2017

ALL Righteousness Must come from that which has Already been done! 

WARNING!!! When you get the above statement strange things will happen! 

You will have Peace in the midst of lives challenges as you will see them as growth opportunities! 

You will start to Love people you previously thought were “sinners” or unlovable because you will see them in the same way you see yourself! 

You will not care about others opinions of you as you will know He Loves you and nothing else matters! 

You will cease to be concerned about the future as you will know Him Who holds it!

You will no longer see your past mistakes as mistakes as He allowed them to grow you into who you are in this present moment!

You will see things you have never seen, hear things you have never heard and in short His Superpower will flow through you!

Care to know more about how to start on this path?

My Journey into Grace through the Sea of His Love started with 7 simple questions and scripture. Please see the link below, read the content there, answer the questions there, pass it around, translate it into your mother tongue, share it and spread it to the four corners of the earth if you like but PLEASE don’t miss this Journey! 

Let The Journey Begin!

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Bob Hildreth on November 21st, 2017

Peace will come to a land when The God of that land is LOVE beyond human comprehension.

The reasons for this are:

1) Peoples focus is on helping others and Not on thier own anger and expressing thier pain.

2) People heal thier hurt in helping others heal thiers.

3) Because of the focus on LOVE beyond human comprehension, people switch to living for social justice and equanimity.

4) Compassion for All becomes the motivator for sociatal change and growth.

Care to see the path for this?

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