Bob Hildreth on March 21st, 2013

Intro to the Journey

Bob Hildreth on May 13th, 2012

Great to have you here! I am glad that you stopped by and I hope you will feel free to look around.


This site is about a spiritual journey. The vehicle for this journey is not religion, doctrine or dogma. This journey is not about the place where you end up or what you look like. This journey is ALL about one 4 letter word- LOVE!


Love from Above is a Free gift and the depth of it is the journey that we are on. There are countless potholes, phenominal fellow travelers and tremendous views along the way. No two journeys are the same and while we may travel on the journey for a time together the majority of growth will happen when we can just be still and in solitude reflect.


I am excited you are here and I hope you will read about my journey, listen to the stories I will share and perhaps we will travel together for a while. So come on in, explore and enjoy as we share the wonders of Love, Grace and Peace on the journey!

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- "His Grace is sufficient for me!"

The only thing you need for spiritual growth in 2013 and beyond are these 6 words- “His Grace is sufficient for me!”

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Bob Hildreth on September 22nd, 2017

If the “power of sin is the law” then whatever law you follow gives power to sin- correct? 

What if we were no longer under the law and we could just focus on Love for God and others?

Care to really dig into a PeaceFull life of Hope and Love?

Click the link below:

Let The Journey Begin!

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Bob Hildreth on September 21st, 2017

Growing in Grace is Not growing in law…ability as I was taught as a child … Growing in Grace is Growing in the ability to Rest in The LOVE that is beyond human comprehension.

Matthew 14:29 

“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.”

This is why Paul was content in Whatever state he found himself. This is what Peter was growing in as the human need for ego was taken out of him on multiple occasions like it is for all of us growing through and in Grace.

The Rest or Faith as Rest and Faith are the same thing is what caused All the miracles of the Bible, the complete reconciled state we now live in And The Faith is what allowed Christ to go to the cross.
Would you like to see how to get there?

Let The Journey Begin!

Bob Hildreth on September 21st, 2017

What the religious miss in their push and drive for legalistic obedience is that the very thing they are trying to achieve is taking them farther from the very One Who offers Freely what they need! 

Trusting Christ Alone means Not trusting anything else – while it sounds obvious, every time I speak on Grace or share I invariably get the, “it can’t be that easy” rejection idea. To this idea I simply say, “ok so it sounds like you are saying that the cross and Christ redemptive work was Not All Powerful, is this correct?”   

You see at what ever point you are saying you have to “do” more than Christ “did” – you are denying the very Power, Grace and Love of God Almighty which must be accepted and believed in Faith which is Trusting what you can Not see! But In that Trusting and In that Faith there is:

1) Rest – it grows with the ever growing understanding of the Completeness of His Finished work on the cross!

2) Life – as growth in understanding your new Relationship to God occurs so also Life with Amazing Beauty on No more condemnation but instead healthy self Love and acceptance grows.

3) Peace – our Faith is directly proportional to our Peace! The Greater Faith we have in His “doing” – the Greater Peace we have with Him, ourselves and others!

4) Hope – the more our Hope rest in His work the Greater our stability for constant Hope! It Really was Finished on the cross and Hope in that Alone is The Anchor on which All the Goodness of God Almighty can be Realized – Rest in this Hope Alone!

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Bob Hildreth on September 21st, 2017

The myth of man controlling God has been satans greatest and most successful myth since Eve picked the apple and it’s stronger today than ever before! This is why a BEliever Must dive into the deep end of Gods Love and grow in that understanding to become an adult Christian and BE like Christ!

To Be like Christ is the ultimate surrender of what – IS – to the control of God in absolute Faith that He knows best, even to the point of death! Being like Christ is Not about following the law better than the other guy, it’s about learning to Love and Loving like He Who Is Love, The One Who Is Love beyond human understanding or imagination!

People often ask me what is the difference between the God I speak of and write about and the god most places teach and most people believe in and I typically give these 2 most common and to me obvious differences:

1) I have No control over God and I don’t attempt to have! While this sounds obvious most people believe that IF they follow a set of rules God will bless them – what they miss is Everything and Every moment Is a Blessing If you understand Blessings!

2) I see God as Much Bigger as I see God as Limitless!

Let The Journey Begin!

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Bob Hildreth on September 17th, 2017

If this one simple concept was known by the heart and not the head of Christians the world would change overnight!

How can I say this? Because a handful of people to include the lowest dregs of society got this simple idea and changed the world over 2000 years ago! Because tax collectors, hookers and “sinners” were the ones that got this, believed it, saw it and shared it!

God doesn’t care about your checklist of righteousness – in fact it makes Him sick – He cares about your Love for others! God Is Love – the cross proved that 1000 times over! You are no longer under the law, you are under Grace! Be Free, Love All and Live Abundantly!

Let The Journey Begin!

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